Our Near Future Plans

Use your time differently!


One of freesence’s near future developments is a small mainstream autonomous driven car with lodging facilities. This Lodging Utility Vehicle (LUV) is being developed by means of crowdfunding and is intended for daily use for all of those who drive a lot and want to spend their time more efficiently.

Think about the benefits!

  • Autonomous driving: alternative ways of time spending while in transit
  • Time gain: driving time becomes time to work, sleep, eat or chill out
  • Possibility to stay overnight will diminish the number of your trips and as a result, cause a smaller footprint

Our purpose is to turn the time spent in a car into quality time, by making better use of your daily car.

Do you want to stay informed about this opportunity or like to participate, invest or join in the crowdfunding program? Please fill in our contact form. We will keep you posted!

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