Vision F

F wants to encourage people to explore the world in a comfortable and convenient way and to follow their own route, by enabling them to travel freely and independently.

F is all about freedom in motion. The freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want and with whom you want. We believe that the freedom to move results in a creative, openhearted spirit and an independent mindset. We also believe that it makes traveling far more exciting.

In our view, we are all individuals on a journey. Not the destination is what matters, but the journey itself. We believe that if people can travel freely, the easier they will interact with others, the broader their horizon will be and the more they will enjoy their travelling. By removing logistical barriers, we create a kind of individual mobility that makes people free as nomads.


F’s mission is to develop products and services that enable people to travel freely and independently from logistic barriers and lodging facilities. We want to make traveling more personal, exciting and comfortable.

Freedom, mobility and independency are the core values of F.

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